Design-Build and Engineer




SuperSpan Bridge

Vineland, ON

A new haul road was required to access gravel reserves on the south side of Regional Road 73 (Fly Road). A super-span bridge overpass was selected to accommodate haul trucks. The culvert is 6.94m in height, 11.570m in width and has a length of 43.2m. It is designed with a soil arch with the footings set into bedrock. Timber blocks were used for a settlement mechanism to activate the soil arch.



Snug Harbour Bridge

Port Dalhousie, ON

This design/build project involved the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Port Dalhousie inner harbour. Steel pipe pilings were installed in the water with concrete pile caps that supported the steel superstructure.




Sugarloaf Marina Bridge

Port Colborne, ON

This design/build project was taken from conception through to completion, including the procurement of environmental and Coast Guard approvals. The bridge was constructed out of self-weathering steel to minimize the long-term maintenance costs.




Ontario Power Generation Rifle Range

In 2004 Bruce Power contracted Rankin Construction to design/build a rifle range on site for its security forces...more






Bruce Nuclear Tile Hole Waste Remediation Project

Rankin worked with CH2MHILL's design team to create the methodology and execution plan for the safe extraction of the tile holes that were to be moved to storage in a low level storage building above ground...more