Marine and Environmental

Rankin Construction Inc. is an experienced Marine Contractor having successfully completed many marine contracts over the years. We own and operate our own marine equipment and have the knowledge and expertise to tackle a variety of marine projects.


Environmental considerations are inseparable from marine work as requirements to monitor and limit impacts on the surrounding ecosystem can be very demanding. Rankin's extensive experience sets them apart in this area allowing them to provide creative and cost saving solutions that meet these demands while minimizing the impact on costs.


Environmenal projects onshore also deal considerably with water, either through prevention or remediation of contamination into waterways. Industrial sites, storm-water runnoff and other sources of contamination must be properly contained and controled while the water and waste-water infrastructure that we all rely upon must also be built and maintained properly to both service our needs and prevent negative impacts to our surroundings.



Chedoke Creek

This $2.3M project involved remedial works to reduce bank erosion and improve slope stability along Chedoke Creek near the former West Hamilton Landfill...more



Glenora Ferry Dock

Reconstruction of the MTO ferry dock near Picton. The project required the construction of a temporary dock, then removal of the existing dock and the construction of a new dock...more




Warner Road Storm Management Pond

Rankin Construction Inc. was contracted by the Town of Niagara on the Lake to construct the storm management pond and associated works downstream of several large residential developments....more



Shriner's Creek Water Course

This project was to improve the existing W-5-2 branch of Shriner’s Creek from Kalar Road to north of Thorold Stone Road in Niagara Falls, Ontario...more





Henley Rowing Course

This unique project involved the installation of seven 45 metre long stream flow deflector walls in the Martindale Pond. These deflectors were designed to equalize the current for the Henley Rowing Course lanes in preparation for the 1999 World Rowing Championship...more